“Vanity and pride are different things, the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us.”

– Mary Bennet, Volume I: Chapter 5, Pride and Prejudice

        Jane Austen is the author ✍️ of the famous novel ‘Pride And Prejudice’ published in 1813. The plot of ‘Pride And Prejudice’ revolves around the love of  Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy ♥️ despite their first impressions and social status👨‍💼. Jane Austen doesn’t miss to  blend irony with social commentaries.

Meet the Bennet Family


“The business of her life was to get her daughters married” . 

Pride and Prejudice

    Mr and Mrs Bennet live at  their family estate in Longbourn with their five children: Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty and Lydia. Mrs Bennet is eager to get her daughters married to a high class society👰. She dreams of her children in prosperity and also encourages them to court rich men💰. 

Mr. Bingley and Jane in Love👩‍❤️‍👨.

  Mr. Bingley is ‘a single man with large fortune’ as Mrs. Bennet expresses her desire of getting Mr. Bingley as one her daughter’s suitor. They meet for the first time at the Meryton ball. Jane and Mr. Bingley dances together💃🕺and become interested in one another. 


Is it Love v/s Pride?

   Mr. Darcy, who has refused to dance with Elizabeth at the Meryton ball, starts loving her despite her poor social status. Darcy is even more impressed🥰 when Elizabeth nurses 👩‍⚕️ Jane staying at Netherfield being ill 🤒. But Elizabeth puts a blind eye 😏 toward him treating him as rich spoilt brat. 

Does Elizabeth Pity on Her Own Family😒?

Even though not ashamed, she is not proud of how her family behaves with the Bingleys. She notices the lack of manners😞 and foolish behaviours😐 of her family members when they arrive there to take Jane back after recovery. 

All Daughters in Search of their Love…❤️? 

 A militia regiment has camped 🎪 in Meryton where Mrs.Philips, Bennet’s sister leaves. Lydia and Kitty move to Mrs.Philips to socialise and flirt the men camped there. 

Does Elizabeth fall for Mr. Collins?


Mr. Collins is the distant cousin of Mr. Bennet. He is a silly clergyman who wishes to inherit the Longbourn estate 🏘️ as it is deprived of male children. He later falls in love with Elizabeth whose proposal 💍she rejects. He then get married to Charlotte Lucas, 👭 a friend of Elizabeth. 

Does Mr. Wickham succeed in the negative portrayal 🎨 of Mr. Darcy?

Mr. Wickam is an officer 👮 from the regiment who befriends with Elizabeth. He narrates Mr. Darcy as a darkman🗿who even failed to fulfill his father’s death wishes. Elizabeth easily believes it as she has prejudiced about him much earlier. 

Does Mr. Bingley and Jane breakup💔?

Bingley moves to London for a business plan after which he decides to return to Netherfield. But his sisters 😈 who were against their relationship writes to her that he won’t return. Jane is sunken in sadness 😭. 

Darcy Proposes to Elizabeth💍?

Elizabeth pays a visit to her friend Charlotte 👸🏼 who is now Mrs. Collins. She also meets Darcy along with his cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam. Colonel Fitzwilliam, unknowing Jane is her sister,  reveals that Darcy had saved his friend from a rash marriage. This makes her more angry😡.

Darcy confesses his love 😍 for Elizabeth and proposes her for marriage which Elizabeth rejects. Darcy says that he loves her despite her poor social status. Darcy is  shocked on her rejection 😲. She reveals that she knows his wicked 😡 acts against Wickham and his part in the breakup 💔 between Bingley and Jane. 

Elizabeth Understands Darcy 🤗

Darcy hand overs a ✉️ to Elizabeth the next day in which he admits that he had dissuaded Bingley from proposing to Jane as he felt Jane wasn’t serious in the relationship. Secondly, he reveals that Wickham has plundered all his money 💴 taking advantage of his father’s death wish as well as seduced his sister 😧. Elizabeth realises that prejudice had blinded her. 

Elizabeth Visits Darcy🚙

Elizabeth visits the Pemberley estate of Darcy with the Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner, the uncle and aunt 👪 of Elizabeth. Mrs. Reynolds, the housekeeper praises her master and welcomes them. Darcy later introduces his sister👧 Georgiana to her. 

Wickham and Lydia Elopes!😱 Darcy as the Saviour 😇

Elizabeth receives a letter from Jane requesting her to join the family as Lydia has eloped 🙄 with Wickham. Their father amd Mr. Gardiner finds her after a long search🧐. They were living together out of wedlock which would ruin the reputation of the family😕.

Wickham agrees on marriage on the agreement that he receives an equal share of Mr. Bennet’s properties. Mr. Darcy provides him the money and get them married👰 💰🤵. 

Happily Ever After 🤗

Elizabeth comes to know about the matter of money which Darcy provided. She is now grateful to Darcy. Meanwhile Bingley and Jane decide to get married 🥳. Darcy later reveals that his feelings for Elizabeth haven’t changed where she replies that her feelings have changed💏.

The novel ends with a cliche happy ending where the virtuous heroines end happily ☺️and the wicked and silly ones continue to suffer😩. 

The novel treats the major subject of the 19th century where marriage was considered as a motive to get rich 💸. The novel is also feministic  in nature, where Elizabeth, the protagonist, is stubborn 🙂 on what she wants. She is not ready to get married just for the sake of her future security💞. It gives the readers a lesson that the first impressions on a person can go wrong, ie, the first impression is not always the best impression. 

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Naeema Jaleel

Naeema Jaleel

Writer at Inclined Scorpio



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